Santa Cruz Treasure Hunt Underway After Someone Hid $1,000

Background with money american hundred dollar bills

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Someone hid $1,000 in cash and now there is a treasure hunt underway!

Someone hid $1,000 cash in a box in the woods in Santa Cruz, California. According to ABC30 an account called "The Official Treasure Hunt" popped up on Instagram promising to post clues of where the money is hidden.

"We were just thinking what's a great way to get people together and bring people to the outdoors, our favorite place. Brendan and I always love a good treasure hunt. What gets you more excited than actually going out in the woods with a purpose to find something cool." said Co-founder Joe Rattay.

All we know so far is the cash is supposedly on public land, somewhere in the forest in a box. There is also a map with its approximate location circled. However the massive swath of the Santa Cruz Mountains, so it hardly qualifies as a clue.

"What were going to do is post clues on our Instagram @TheOfficialTreasureHunt so follow us there. You'll get clues leading you in the general area where the box is hidden. So you can get closer and closer. Follow for weekly updates. It's publicly accessible, it's easy to access and it's not in ant dangerous spot. Anybody can find it." said Co-Founder Brendan Ruh

The account posted a message saying "We wanted to do something fun to encourage everyone to get outside and explore our public parks and land! Gather some friends and find your treasure!"

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