Massive Illegal Firework Explosion in South LA

Firetruck In Motion

Photo: Getty Images

Massive Illegal firework explosion in South LA left 9 injured as of now. They found 5,000 pounds of fireworks.

Police called in a bomb squad after a tip led them to seize 5,000 pounds of illegal home-made and China-manufactured pyrotechnics at noon police said.

According to ABC7 an explosion rocked a South LA neighborhood, damaging nearby homes and cars and leaving nine people injured after police attempted to safely detonate illegal fireworks that were seized from a home.

A bomb squad truck was destroyed from the blast, and first responders were at the scene treating injured residents. Police say they discovered the massive cache at a home near 27th and San Pedro streets after Newton Division officers received a tip. A bomb squad was called to the scene to secure and remove dozens of boxes filled with fireworks, which were set to be hauled away and destroyed with the help of Cal Fire.

A bomb squad carrying illegal fireworks exploded at a South Los Angeles neighborhood, blowing out windows of nearby homes and damaging cars. One man was arrested on suspicion of possessing fireworks and destructive devices and also on suspicion of child endangerment because two children were found at the home. According to LAPD said the fireworks had the potential of destroying multiple nearby homes if they went off.

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