A World Record is a Vending Machine Away

To what lengths are you willing to go to have your name next to the many legends the world has ever seen? For the most recent Guinness Book of World Records holder, it was as easy as taking candy from a baby.

Will Cutbill is the name of our legend at hand. Cutbill has reached World Record holder-hood by being the first person to stack 5 M&Ms..yes those sweet candy-coated chocolate discs that we all love. The rules were to stack the candies naturally with no adhesive, stabilizers, or outside influences. So the odds were "stacked" against him.

"I tried to approach this scientifically, Cutbill said. "I made up theories. My first was that the M&Ms stacked better if the little lowercase "m" printed on them faced down. That seemed to work until it didn't. I could only stack two."

"I tried examining each M&M candy individually, looking closely to see if any of them were naturally flatter than the rest or had a dent or small depression in the middle of them. I even separated out a few that did look flatter. Surprise, they didn't stack any better than a random candy," Cutbill said.

Cutbill eventually achieved his goal by stacking the tasty treats in a vertical stack of 5, making it the tallest stack of M&Ms.

He was paid a sweet $800 for his efforts.

And in case you were wondering these were classic M&Ms aka, the ones that come in the brown pack.

Challenge (For You The Reader): Make it 6, win $800! You got this!

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