This Guy Eats Garbage!

Let's clear up something first. That photo is misleading. This is not a story about a bird that eats trash.Sorry.

Garbage is a problem. Especially when it builds up in places like rivers, lakes, and harbors.

In Baltimore, an inventor named John Kellett became frustrated with the tons of garbage in that city’s inner harbor, so he invented Mr. Trash Wheel.

Mr. Trash Wheel is a garbage collection vessel that sucks up about 15 tons of garbage every day. It gets its power from a combination of water current and solar panels. And Mr. Trash Wheel is cute too, thanks to a pair of big googly eyes that really make it look like it has a face.

This concept is now catching on all over the world in places like like Oakland, which is building Trasharella, and Panama, which will soon deploy Mrs. Wheel.

Look at how cute Mr. Trash Wheel is!

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