Who Protected Scott Rudin?

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It has come out that Scott Rudin allegedly exuded abusive behavior for decades!

Rudin relied on intimidation, NDAs, and industry relationships to continue his bullying and people just ignored it. According to Hollywood Reporter in the wake of an April exposé in The Hollywood Reporter that detailed decades of Rudin's physically and psychologically abusive behavior that sent at least two employees to the hospital, the producer vowed to step back from "active participation" in his projects. While it is unclear exactly what made Rudin behave this way, it is easier to identify the pillars of protection that allowed him to operate with impunity for so long. He ensured the silence of his discarded staffers with nondisclosure agreements and reinforced that with fear and intimidation.

Josh Arnon who worked for Rudin from October 2018 to August 2019 said,

"Everyone including people at A24, were aware. He would yell at people all day. He yells at people over the phone. People who were there just for an interview would hear Scott yelling. I find it impossible to imagine that people who worked with him more than one day would miss any of that. People just ignored it."

A24, the hot New York based indie distributor behind Oscar best picture Moonlight, declined to comment.

Rudin has been known for brutality, encompassing everything from hurling staplers, baked potatoes, and glass objects at underlings to telling one to kill herself and a director not to bother coming out of gallbladder surgery. That stood well above the industry standard. Rudins lawyer denies his client ever told an employee to kill herself. His anecdotes were passed around Hollywood parties.

"Did you ever hear the one about how he threw someone out of a moving car?"

According to the dozens of former staffers, forcing passengers out of his car became one of Rudin's go-to moves. Several former employees say Rubin's intimidation tactics continue to this day and expressed trepidation about speaking out. One reason employees have been loath to discuss Rudin's bullying was fear of breaking their nondisclosure agreements. If you didn't sign an NDA, Rudin would fire you and display petty and vindictive behavior.

The ultimate insurance policy Rudin held was his ability to entice talent to work with him. His films have earned 151 Oscar nominations and 23 wins, and Rudin himself earned 17 individual Tony Awards.

Ultimately, the complicity machine behind Rudin may play a role his ability to return to an industry that has looked the other way as sores of his broken staffers continue to struggle with self-esteem and anxiety.

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