This Florida Town Accidentally Sold Its Own Water Tower...

The town of Brooksville, Florida made a slight mistake with a recent property deal -- accidentally selling off the town's water tower for $55,000!

It all started when local business owner Bobby Read offered to buy a municipal building at the base of the tower. He said he had plans to turn it into an athletic training studio... But after the deal was done, Read and the City Council realized that the water tower itself was considered part of the property, and now technically belonged to Read!

“I don’t know where the blame falls here,” Brooksville City Councilmember Blake Bell told the Tampa Bay Times. “We’re council members, and we rely on the city manager. We assume that he has done his due diligence."

After about a week of owning the city's water supply, Read sold it right back.

"I immediately went through the necessary steps to deed the water tower back to the city of Brooksville," Read said in an email to NPR. "The city's intention was to sell me a split section of the parcel with a small garage."

But get this -- he sold the town its water tower back... for just $10!

“We’re human,” Mark Kutney, the Brooksville city manager said. “Sometimes we make a mistake.”

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