California is FINALLY Open!

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After over a year of anticipation, California is finally dropping most of its Covid-19 restrictions today! What does that mean exactly?

Following the 15th of June, if you are vaccinated, practically everything will be allowed to go back to normal for you! No more social distancing, loosened mask mandates, and no more capacity limits - The once known normalcy of California is finally making its much-anticipated return. Despite California dropping most restrictions today, counties and cities still have the right to set their rules and own capacity limits, if they feel the need to.

A business can impose certain limits and could require proof of vaccination if they desire. Even if you are vaccinated, there are still certain rules you must follow. Masks will still be required in the following settings:

  • Hospitals and long-term care facilities
  • Prisons and homeless shelters
  • Indoor workplaces (depending on your workplace, if everyone is vaccinated, a mask in the workplace will not be mandatory)
  • ANY form of public transportation
  • K-12 schools and childcare facilities

As for sporting events and concerts, certain restrictions will still remain in place. At outdoor live events with over 10,000 attendees, California will still recommend venues have vaccine verification or proof of a negative Covid 19 test. Those who are not vaccinated and don't show proof of a negative Covid test will still be allowed to enter only if they keep a mask on. This is a pointless and contradictory rule.

Happy Reopening Day, California!

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