Probation for Hit & Run Murder ?

LA DA George Gascon's despicable policies are hurting people of all communities in LA County.

From Terry Spann, brother of Journalist Margo Spann who was killed by a hit and run driver in March:

Hi John and Ken,
I'm seeking your assistance in getting justice for my sister, Margo Spann, a young journalist and entrepreneur, who was killed by a Hit and Run driver in Los Angeles, CA on March 11, 2021. I've provided a link below of coverage of her death in the media. They caught the driver, Ruben Granados and charged him with Felony Hit and Run. The case number is:BA493973.  The problem is the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office is considering the defendant for probation. Margo's family vehemently opposes any plea agreement that doesn't include jail time for the defendant.
The prosecution will discuss plea agreements with the defendant very soon. None of Margo's family lives in California. We can't even get the police report despite having requested it from the Records Division of LAPD and having paid the fee months ago. We traveled to Los Angeles in the wake of Margo's death to return her remains to Milwaukee, Wisconsin where most of our family resides and where we were raised. The public needs to know about this case. Any help you can provide us in amplifying the message to the DA's Office takes this case seriously and holds the defendant accountable will be greatly appreciated.
We've written about 80 letters to the LA DA's Office on sentencing. The 56 yo defendant had no license or insurance when he ran my sister over and left her for dead. I've been told that the new LA DA (George Gascon) has a policy that anyone eligible for probation will be recommended for it unless they seek a request within the higher echelon of the DA office to get authorization to request jail time. It is my understanding that this is a significant departure from what the office has done in the past. 
I've had conversations with ADA Francisco Henriquez and his boss Head Deputy DA Jonlyn Callahan. I attached my latest letter to them. They've been noncommittal thus far. We need your help before a plea offer is made to the defendant. I worry that the plea agreement won't reflect the justice that Margo deserves for the heinous act committed by the defendant. 

John & Ken talked to Rev. Peter J. Spann, brother of Margo Spann who is frustrated that Gascon's policies are denying justice for the killer of his sister.

pic courtesy of the Spann family

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