Homeless Lunatic Pulls Knife On Councilman Joe Buscaino

This is bound to happen. Councilman Joe Buscaino had a knife pulled on him by a deranged homeless woman today while he announced his intention to run for Mayor of LA.

From NBC4:

A woman with a knife was arrested Monday during a Venice Beach news conference at which a city council member and mayoral candidate was speaking about Los Angeles' homelessness crisis and public safety. 
Los Angeles City Councilman and mayoral candidate Joe Buscaino was speaking about the city's homelessness crisis and announcing his plan for creating a safer city during the morning news conference. A Los Angeles Police Department captain was cut by the knife while assisting Buscaino's private security team in detaining the woman, according to the LAPD Officer Lizeth Lomeli, who said the injury was minor.
Video shows the officers taking the knife from the woman, who was not immediately identified. She told officers she uses to knife to protect herself.

Joe Buscaino called into the John & Ken Show today with his reaction after what went down today.


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