The Avengers Campus Has Finally Opened!

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The highly anticipated Avengers Campus has finally opened at Disneyland's California Adventure Park in Anaheim today, and Mo and Jo spoke to KFI's own traffic reporter, Nick Pagliochini, who is a huge Disney fan and was out there to check it out first hand!

This new land was supposed to be unveiled last July but had to be pushed back due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. In April, both Disneyland and California Adventure were given the green light to finally reopen allowing the Avengers Campus to finally be unveiled to the public.

The new Avengers Campus is located in the area that was previously known as 'A Bugs Land,' and offers; a new Spider-man attraction, a new restaurant named Pym Test Kitchen, a new portal to Dr. Strange's sanctum, and other new Marvel-related attractions.

Featured in the center of the Avengers Campus is the Avengers Compound, home to Marvel's heroes that allows fans to experience life like their favorite Marvel superheroes.

The new Pym Test Kitchen offers a new $100 sandwich. The "Pym-ini" is a panini-style sandwich containing salami, rosemary, ham, and sun-dried tomato spread on toasted focaccia bread. This $100 sandwich is a family-style sandwich and feeds approximately 6-8 people.

Check out Mo and Jo's conversation with Nick Pagliochini.

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