Gubernatorial Recall Candidate Jenny Rae La Roux

Mo Kelly and Laila Muhammad interview Jenny La Roux in-studio about her candidacy for Governor in the upcoming recall election.

Jenny Rae Le Roux is an accomplished business owner, author, and strategic advisor with a B.A. in Economics from the University of Virginia and an MBA from Columbia Business School.

Jenny Rae is a seasoned traveler who loves learning, having visited 57 countries globally with her husband and 3 sons. Her children attend a Spanish language immersion school, and the family operates a hobby ranch. She is a frequent presenter at Harvard Business School, the Wharton School of Business, and over 60 other top institutions, and she has been quoted in Forbes, Business Insider, and other business publications.

One year ago, she said, “Someone should do something.” She modeled her own COVID plan using publicly available data, and hosted conversations about the future of public policy. After meeting with groups around California, she recognized major gaps in both policy and process. Jenny Rae is a pro-business fiscal conservative.

For more info check out Jenny Rae La Roux's Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube

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