CVS Offering Super Bowl Tickets as Part of Vaccine Plan

CVS just announced they will be rolling out contests for customers who get the Covid-19 vaccine.

The chain says that customers will have the chance to win tickets to the Super Bowl, if they get the vaccine of course. But tickets to the biggest game in football aren't the only prizes on the line...

Customers could also win cash prizes, gift cards, and a trip to Bermuda!

“We’re grateful for the millions of people who’ve received one of the well over 17 million doses we’ve administered at CVS Health, but we have a long way to go,” Dr. Kyu Rhee, senior vice president and chief medical officer of CVS Health, said. “Getting as much of the population fully vaccinated will bring us one step closer to all the things we’ve missed during the past 14 months, and keep our country moving in the right direction.”

The contest starts on June 1, and ends June 10.

Check out more details on The Guardian.

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