LA's Echo Park Lake Is Open & Clean Again

LA's iconic Echo Park Lake is open again after the city finally got rid of the homeless riff-raff and cleaned up the poop, needles and tents.

ABC7 had a great report on the homeless who were moved out...they aren't happy.

As officials prepare to reopen Echo Park Lake, many are wondering if the homeless population will return.
When Echo Park Lake shut down for repairs in March, many of those living in tents were moved into Project Roomkey, a temporary shelter program that uses empty hotel rooms to house those in need.
But according to people in the program, it's been a rough couple of months.
"You have staff members that will come in and just barge into your room, whenever they feel like it," said Leonard Averhart, who is homeless and is a part of the program.

As it turns out, these homeless people who were moved into free hotel rooms are pissed because there are rules to staying in free hotel rooms.

This is the problem with free housing and why the homeless problem cannot be solved by these political goons tossing money (taxpayer) at this problem.

These people want to keep running amok with drugs and alcohol and simply do not want to get sober and follow simple rules.

Steve Gregory went to the cleaned up Echo Park Lake and talked to John & Ken about what happens if the homeless try to set up shop again.


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