Epidemiologist Says Don't Throw Away That Mask Just Yet

A disease prevention expert at UC Irvine says mask mandates could return in the fall or winter if Covid-19 infections surge.

"COVID is not completely over."

UC Irvine epidemiologist Andrew Noymer says when mask mandates are lifted, people should put them in the drawer, not the trash.

"If it's sunny, you don't throw away your raincoat necessarily. You just put it in the closet for the next rainy day."

He says vaccines should mean face coverings aren't needed, but mask requirements could return with rising case rates.

"We are not at 100% vaccination even among adults 18 plus and there's a lot of people who are either hesitant or who figure well, they waited so long and now they don't have to."

Noymer says reaching herd immunity could prevent COVID and future mask mandates.

Photo: Getty Images

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