Parents On Strike & Total Recall Rally Sunday 5/23 in LA

LAUSD parent of 3 "Allen" talked to John & Ken today to announce another OPEN SCHOOLS NOW rally. Allen requested to remain anonymous due to fear of retaliation by UTLA and other school administration goons. Allen simply wants his children to go back to school.

We are holding the Total Recall Rally this Sunday, 5/23 at 12:00 pm — LAUSD has waited until just this Monday to give any information about fall schedule and teachers and the union reacted that one had included them in the conversations. It is clear that the announcement was rushed and hollow to shut up parents and improve the public opinion. THIS RALLY IS TO ENSURE THAT THE BOARD FEELS THE PRESSURE OF UNITED PARENTS WHEN THEY DESIGN OUR RETURN TO FULL TIME SCHOOL AS WELL AS TO SEND THE MESSAGE THAT PARENTS ARE WATCHING CLOSELY AND HAVE UNITED!
We are a collective group of concerned parents who are fed up with LAUSD and UTLA prioritizing political agendas over the students they are paid to serve. WE will no longer stand for it. Our children are not bargaining chips and we will not stay silent any longer!

Hit this instagram link to find out more details about how you can get your voice heard on these issues which have yet to be resolved.


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