Mike Bonin Tries To Explain On Fox 11

Bonehead LA Councilman Mike Bonin went on offense and spoke to Fox 11 on the various issues of homelessness including WTH is going on at Venice Beach.

Bonin sounded and looked like a big buffoon the whole time. No real answers, just excuses.

The UK's Daily Mail has a huge write-up and crazy pics of the situation happening on Venice Beach.

From the Daily Mail:

Exclusive DailyMail.com photos show tent-dwellers who have abandoned downtown LA's Skid Row and the freeway ramps in Long Beach, turning a short stretch of prime property just south of the Santa Monica border into the nation's newest flashpoint between business interests and those forced from their homes. 
And while tourists and locals still visit the iconic boardwalk - a place they have long shared with the weird and the wacky - visitors' numbers have decreased as they must contend with an ever-growing army of homeless and the crime that accompanies them. 
Residents in the area are considering moving — but property prices have dropped by anything between 10 and 30 percent.

You would figure that the El Segundo Times would take some real interest in this despicable situation and start hammering Bonin and Garcetti to get this crap cleaned up.

Silence from everyone. Instead, the El Segundo Times is more interested dumbass stories about low-riders, summer movie releases and the thoughts of this idiot....

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