Nurses On A Mission to India

A group of 40 volunteer RNs are heading to India next month to help with Covid efforts and they need YOUR help! They plan to set up a much-needed temporary hospital to treat those affected. They are on their own with the costs of the trip, including airfare, vaccinations and visas. Please donate. Any little bit helps:

American Nurses on a Mission to India: GoFundMe

One nurse writes:

This is a genuine grass root effort of nothing more than a group of specialized critical care/emergency RNs across the nation that were back-stroking in the underbelly of Covid in NYC during the worst of it and feel compelled to share our attained and highly sought after Covid oriented skill set and education with a country in need, India. There is no financial gain for us, (we are all taking leave from our full time jobs for 30 days to help in India) no political affiliation (politics hasn’t even been discussed) and no religious affiliation. Literally just a group of RNs experienced with the specialized Covid critical care skill set (obtained partly in trial by fire in NYC and subsequent other parts of the US impacted with Covid) that want to help. 

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John and Ken talk to registered nurse Courtney Wilson about this mission! LISTEN below!

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images

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