OC Supervisors Pause Vaccine Passport Plan

Hundreds of people showed up outside of the OC Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday to fight against digital vaccine passports. The voluntary passports would provide a way for people to prove they’ve been vaccinated. More than 700 people signed up to speak.

Here is what some of the speakers had to say:

"This is against the law. It would strip us of our privacy rights.”
"You are not going to brand us with a barcode like we are cattle. The Nazis looked like they were winning, too, for a little while.”
"This isn't communist Russia, this isn't communist China, this isn't Nazi Germany. We should have the freedom. The Jews had passports, look what that led to.”

OC Board members voted to pause the vaccine passport plan and have assured people the passport will not be forced on them.

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Supervisor Don Wagner joins John and Ken to discuss this. LISTEN below!

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images

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