Ohio Lawmaker Caught Zooming While Driving

An Ohio lawmaker has admitted to Zooming while driving -- and even using a fake background to conceal that he was in the car!

A screenshot of the call shows state Sen. Andrew Brenner appearing to be sitting in his home office... until you notice the seatbelt strapped across his shoulder. Ironically, Brenner's Zoom stunt happened the same day the Ohio legislature took up a bill that would create steeper penalties for distracted driving.

Watch the call here:

Brenner insists that he was not distracted and has been on "numerous calls" while behind the wheel.

"I wasn't distracted. I was paying attention to the driving and listening to it (the meeting,)" Brenner said. "I had two meetings that were back to back that were in separate locations. And I've actually been on other calls, numerous calls, while driving. Phone calls for the most part but on video calls, I'm not paying attention to the video. To me, it's like a phone call."

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Read the full story on the Columbus Dispatch.

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