Endangered Condors Attack California Home

Clearly, there's something about a home in Tehachapi, California that a flock of condors do not like...

Resident Seana Lyn Quintero says 15 of the endangered birds recently "trashed" the deck of her mother's home -- and have remained on the property ever since!

"It sucks," Quintero says. "But also this is unheard of. There are only 160 of these birds flying free in the state, and a flock of them decided to start a war with my mom."

Quintero says her mom, Cinda Mickols, has been "reaching out to condor groups" in hopes of getting help in sending the birds on their way, but so far she's had no luck.

"They keep hanging out on her roof and railings messing with stuff and pooping everywhere," she says. "Trees are fine, but not the house, please."

Read the full story on the New York Times.

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