KFI's Employee Of The Month for May.... Sheron Bellio!

We might be a little biased, but we have an AMAZING crew here at KFI. They are the hardest working people in radio.

Now, you might know that from what you hear on-air, but what you don't know is that there's a lot of people working behind the scenes to help bring that awesome product to air. Most of these people you don't get to hear from much because they're not on-air talent, but their work is invaluable and without them, KFI wouldn't be KFI!

Even more important, so many of these people are the most essential of essential workers, and have been here, in house, at the station from Day 1 of the pandemic because there was no way for them to do their job from home.

So each month, we present one of these employees with the KFI Employee of The Month honor to recognize these amazing people and to give you a little more insight into those that bring you the KFI you love each day, and the best part is that these winners are chosen by their peers!

Each Employee of the Month receives a few fun prizes, a certificate, an official award, will be featured in an on-air promo and their name will be enshrined on a perpetual plaque that will be located in our building.

So, we'd like to introduce you to KFI's Employee of the Month for May.... Sheron Bellio....'What UP Everybody!'

Currently Sheron is the Executive Producer for The Tim Conway Jr Show, but she has worked nearly every single job in radio in the last 20+ years, and she's excelled at every one of them.

She's the one person you want on your team no matter the situation. You can always go to Sheron for advice, for a laugh and to brainstorm creative ideas. She's worked with some of the world's most beloved athletes, has worked with virtually every host at KFI at some point in her career and has delighted hundreds of clients over the years with her voice work. It's safe to say Sheron is one of the most beloved employees at KFI.

Here's what Sheron's co-workers had to say about her:

"More deserving of this award than anyone else. She cares about not only the show she produces but the station as a whole. She goes above and beyond for every task and it shows in how much she is loved by everyone."
"Hands down the funniest person at KFI and one of the most dedicated."
"Always willing to go above and beyond for her show, not afraid to put herself out there for a laugh. She represents the best of KFI."
"She puts in the hard work, is dedicated to making everyone's experience better and cares deeply about her co-workers."
"Sheron is not afraid of hard work, and she's not afraid to do ANY job. No job at the station is 'beneath' her. A lot of people can learn so much from her watching how she approaches her work every single day."
"Always willing to teach and be brutally honest with newbies about what it takes to stand out. If you come in with attitude she'll make you see why you need to adjust your approach for maximum benefit. Not afraid to call you out when you're not doing your best and show you why you're only hurting yourself."
"Sheron is dedicated and works hard. She cares about those around her and it shows. Mostly, if she doesn't win, she'll take it out on me."

You can follow Sheron on Twitter @belliobellio and Instagram @belliomorelli

Get to know Sheron a little better through some questions we asked her.

Where did you grow up?

"Grew up in Golden, Co. mile down the road from Coors Brewery and yet I hate beer. I come from a big, wonderful Italian / Irish family!"

How long have you worked in radio?

"30 years, and just now getting ‘Employee of the Month’. Started in Sports radio, produced the Lakers radio broadcast and made the move to KFI!!"

What made you decide on a career in radio?

"I always loved anything creative. I was studying Communications in college and a professor of mine told me about this opening at a sports station. I applied for a board op position and got it. It was one of the first all-sports stations in the country. And you didn’t see many women on that side of the industry…at that time."

What do you like most about your job?

"Working with Tim Conway Jr. and being allowed to use ALL my skills; improv, acting, voice-over and oh yeah producing. Tim’s show has allowed me to be creative, think outside the box and have fun. To be able to go into work every night and laugh until I cry – I feel incredibly blessed. And the amazing people that work at KFI. They are the smartest, funniest and most decent people I have ever worked with and I consider them family."

Any pet peeves?

"Laziness. Dishonesty. Meanness. Messiness. Disrespect."

Favorite hobbies

"Past hobbies - Fitness enthusiast, traveler, gardening, comedy, sports( Broncos & Lakers), tennis, cooking and good books. NOW? My dogs, coffee and a good nap."

Favorite food / drink?

"Pizza, wine, sushi, coffee. Mondo’s guac."

What does the perfect 'day off' for you consist ot?

"Getting paid, a massage / mani-pedi and being with husband, my boys Moose & Maize, and going on an adventure, drive or cuddled up at home."

What's the one thing that people don't know about you?

"I was the first woman to produce the Lakers radio broadcast.Worked with Chick Hearn his last two seasons and interviewed Kobe right after his 81 point game."

Any advice for anyone just starting in the radio business?

"Learn to write code… I joke. Great work-ethic and consistency. Learn from the people around you; take what is useful and discard what is not. Take chances – usually the one thing you’re not willing to do – is the one thing you probably should do to achieve your dreams. And just go for it!"

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