Governor Dippity-Do Finally Addresses His Recall

Governor Gavin Newsom...Governor Dippity-Do finally addressed his recall at a dog & pony show today in LA.

This is really the first time he has publicly acknowledged his recall and said "We will defeat it".

LA schools are still not in-person. Restaurants are still hurting. Business owners are saying they are still suffering after months of on-again, off-again restrictions. Vaccine distribution botch and the French Laundry incident are fresh on voter's minds.

Even the woke NY Times has a piece titled "How Gavin Newsom Landed in a California Jam"

SACRAMENTO — For all the controversies and Covid-19 crises that now have Gov. Gavin Newsom of California facing a historic recall election, it was a pair of prosaic events on Nov. 6 — a court hearing and a dinner — that led to the current political instability that will grip the state for months to come.
That Friday morning, a Sacramento Superior Court judge gave a small cadre of conservative Republicans four additional months to gather signatures for a petition to recall Mr. Newsom. The state felt the governor had such a compelling case that its lawyers did not even show up for oral arguments against the recall proponents, who said Mr. Newsom’s pandemic restrictions had “severely inhibited” their ability to collect the nearly 1.5 million signatures required.

Listen to John & Ken react to his first public statement.

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