Sacramento County DA Anne Marie Schubert To Run For CA AG

Meet Sacramento County District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert. John & Ken have talked with her on many occasions and appreciate her no-nonsense approach to public safety. Ms. Schubert is a political independent who takes no crap from politicians, woke social justice warriors or scumbag criminals. She takes a fair-minded approach to criminal justice and has a solid record of public service. Newly implemented CA Attorney General Rob Bonta is just another hack George Gascon and Gavin Newsom type dufus.

From Politico:

Schubert declared her candidacy in the Sacramento Bee and launched a website Monday ahead of a late morning press conference in which she argued Bonta would lead the state down a perilous path.
"The newly appointed attorney general has voted for and supported policies and laws that are not only destroying the rights of crime victims but are destroying public safety in this state," Schubert said. "Here is the truth: California's criminal justice system is in chaos."
While Schubert has embraced some alternatives to incarceration, she has vociferously opposed the agenda of reformist prosecutors like San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin and Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascón. After Gascón moved to end sentencing enhancements, Schubert declared she would refuse to share cases with him, and the California District Attorneys Association — where Schubert holds a leadership position — backed a legal challenge to Gascón.


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