LA City Councilman John Lee Discusses His New Proposal For Homeless Housing

Los Angeles City Councilman John Lee, who represents District 12, recently announced a proposal to take away money allotted for a homeless housing project in Chatsworth -- a Proposition HHH program that has more than $7 million going toward Topanga Canyon Boulevard development. The proposition was previously approved by voters in 2016, with over a $1 billion bond.

In the proposal, Councilman Lee asks for the housing department to build units at a lower cost -- and on a shorter timeline.

"Our most vulnerable residents are suffering and deserve a comprehensive housing strategy that addresses the current realities," Lee writes in the proposal. "The finite amount of public money provided through Prop HHH would be better used in ways that provide more immediate relief."

It now heads to a council committee for approval.

Lee joined Mo Kelly on Wednesday to discuss his new proposal. Listen to their discussion below!

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