A Towering Pyramid Of Cheesesteaks For Mom!

Gloria Walker was diagnosed with cancer last year, scuttling her dream of going to Egypt and seeing the Pyramids in person. It was already a long shot anyway because of the high cost of traveling there.

Her son Dustin, though, was determined to make that dream come true. But how?

Here are some things Dustin is into:

teaching history at a Philadelphia prep school

his family


So using mom’s recipe, he began selling cheesesteaks to raise the money for the trip.

On sale days he got up at 4am to bake the rolls, and with the help of friends and family, sold as many as 100 cheesesteaks a day. Then came a rave from award winning local chef Mike Solomonov, and demand went bonkers!

Luckily, a local food truck donated their facility so Dustin could ramp things up.

In just six weeks, Dustin and his crew have raised over $20,000—more than enough for mom and the whole family to go on that dream trip, which is set for later this year.

Photo by Osama Elsayed on Unsplash

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