Burnt Out Venice Homeowner Speaks To John & Ken

Venice homeowner Courtney agreed to talk to John & Ken just days after her Venice home was destroyed and dog Togo was killed thanks to Mayor Yoga Pants and Mike Bonin's homeless policies. This is a must listen.

Courtney's friends have set up a gofundme effort for her. Check it out and give what you can.

Residents of Mike Bonin's district have set up a change.org recall petition. Check this out too.

At this point we can't say for sure that a homeless person set the fire. But we're pretty sure the fire wasn't set by a kid playing with snap-caps.

Courtney described the homeless conditions in her alley behind her home. Clearly the fire was set by some degenerate, as these fires are becoming far too common.

pics/getty images & Devon Steigerwald

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