Australian Man Finds Deadly Snake in Bag of Lettuce

An Australian man who bought a bag of chopped lettuce ended up getting the world's worst prize.....a live snake.

And not just a live snake....a live DEADLY snake.

Sydney resident Alex White says he opened the bag of lettuce he got from Aldi and found what he thought was a huge worm slithering around.

However, when it flicked its tongue at him he freaked out.

As it turns out White had every reason to be scared...the uninvited guest in the bag was a deadly pale-headed snake.

While there aren't any known deaths from this snake's bite, the Australian Museum says its venom "can produce some unpleasant symptoms, including severe headache, blurred vision, localized pain, and abnormal bleeding."

White called animal authorities, who took the venomous snake away and the Aldi it came from is investigating how the lettuce got its slithery stowaway.

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