Woodcraft Rangers Hiring 1,000 Childcare Workers for LAUSD Reopening

As Los Angeles Unified School District officials prepare to welcome students back to campus after a year-long absence due to the coronavirus pandemic, Woodcraft Rangers, the largest outside agency for LAUSD, plan to hire 1,000 full-time school-age childcare workers to help students with child-care enrichment opportunities. The organization will be making the hires in 7 days in time for the April 19th school reopening date.

Because of the short notice, people who are hired for a position will also be eligible for an extra $5 per hour thanks to the efforts of local school districts and community-based organizations. The $5 in 'hero pay' is meant to help the organization find enough people over the next few days to fill in the coverage gaps as students return to class.

“We hope that a $5 differential will motivate youth new hires and partnerships with veteran groups, job training programs, early education organizations, and more to join the ranks of after-school care,” said Julee Brooks, Chief Executive Officer of Woodcraft Rangers.

For more information about Woodcraft Rangers and the positions available, visit www.woodcraftrangers.org.

Photo: Getty Images

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