LA County Cities Rebel Against LA DA George Gascon

Pico Rivera City Council joined Santa Clarita and Beverly Hills in taking a NO CONFIDENCE vote against LA DA George Gascon and his crazy directives.

John & Ken talked to Pico Rivera City Councilman Andrew Lara . Mr. Lara made perfectly clear that he is a staunch democrat and feels that politics and policy are not the issue here. Pico Rivera is a high-crime, low-income city in LA County. Gascon's agenda puts Pico Rivera's public safety at further risk. Mr. Lara also shared that he will absolutely join the recall effort to oust George Gascon.

From Fox 11's Bill Melugin:

Pico Rivera city councilman Andrew Lara, who says he has no confidence in Gascón's policies, said this vote cannot be painted as the doing of "White Republicans" like Santa Clarita or Beverly Hills. He says he is a Democrat, and he has to put policy before party here.
Councilman Lara said he was offended by comments from Gascón's representative that his directives are "the people's directives" because Gascón won the election.
Lara pointed out that the voters wanted to keep the death penalty and he said anyone who kills an officer deserves to die.


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