Cancer Survivor Gets Pet Dragon!

A cancer survivor has an unusual pet thanks to a Make-A-Wish request.

14 year old Belle Cress, who beat a rare form of bone cancer, has loved dragons her whole life. Make-A Wish Denver arranged for Belle to have a virtual reality session that transported her to a magical place where she met a dragon named Dusk.

The session took place at Cherokee Ranch castle in Colorado, which is a modern building that was constructed using techniques from 15th century castles.

When Belle took off the VR headset, there was Dusk the Dragon in the flesh! Well, not flesh actually, but hundreds of 3D printed scales, multiple computer boards, and a bunch of motors.

Demonstrating the latest in robotics, Dusk can see and recognize Belle’s face, respond to touch, and exhibit a host of dragon-like behaviors.

See more about the project below.

Photo by Laith Abushaar on Unsplash

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