Young Phillies Fan Gives Homerun Ball Away, Goes Viral

Baseball season has just kicked off and this story will give you all the feels! Your first baseball game is always a memorable one, especially for Josh Scott and his father. This is

Josh Scott and his father are huge Phillies fan told his father Friday that he would throw the baseball back if he caught a home run by a Braves player. That’s a deal, his father James said. The Scotts — Philadelphia fans living in North Carolina — drove four hours to Atlanta for Josh’s first game. The father and son sat in the outfield, wore Phillies gear, brought a glove, and knew what to do if they caught a Braves’ homer.

In the eighth inning Atlanta’s Freddie Freeman smashed a home run right to them, but the baseball bounced out of Josh’s glove. Josh tried catching it one handed while holding on to the railing but the ball landed in the bullpen.

A Braves player retrieved it, tossed it above, and Josh dropped it again. The player tried once more. Josh had the ball, but he didn’t throw it back. “Him dropping it caused him to reconsider,” James Scott said. Josh Scott, instead of launching the ball onto the field, found a young Braves fan wearing a Freeman jersey and handed him the baseball.

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