Did Usher Pay Dancers in 'Usherbucks'?

Are you ready for Usherbucks?

Usher is receiving backlash for allegedly using fake money with his name and face on it at a strip club. According to the club it's all a huge misunderstanding. The dancer posted the fake money to her personal Instagram and a friend shared it with the blogs. The friend tagged the strip club, Sapphire Las Vegas, and gossip site The Shade Room. Afterward rumors ignited that Usher is attempting to create his own form currency.

According to Fox News Sapphire's director of marketing, George M Wilson IV, said,

"Usher was a true gentlemen and a great guest at the club. He and his crew converted thousands of real dollars to tip the girls dancing on the stage and left a generous tip for the staff. Apparently someone on his team left some Usher dollars on the floor to promote his Vegas residency. That is where it seems the confusion came in, But real actual cash was used for tips. We would love to host him again."

Ushers residency is set to begin in July at Caesars Palace. Usher hasn't weighed in on the situation as of yet. He has posted a picture to his Instagram with a suitcase full of Usher Bucks. It looks pretty cool.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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