Corbin Carson Reports: Happily Ever After

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After more than a year of shutdowns and uncertainty, people on Catalina Island say they are beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

In part 7 of the Catalina Island COVID-19 Comeback Series, KFI's Corbin Carson looked at the return of the nightlife in Avalon. Local street musician, Marco Blanco, said it was good to finally have people to play for again as tourists return to the island.

One couple from Sacramento told Corbin that it felt liberating to be allowed out in public again.

"Just having our feet in the sand and having a good meal by the ocean with the sounds and the ambience, and everything, you couldn't ask for more."

But for Steve Bray owner of Steve’s Steak house its been a long tough year.

"Tough is not the word, scary, scary is the word. I almost lost my whole livelihood," Bray said.

Bray was one of the first to ask the city council to approve tables out on the beach so his restaurant could have some business.

"I approached the city and asked them if I could have a little area outside for six tables. And just a week later, they told me to go ahead and take the whole beach with your restaurants until the other restaurants were ready to go on the beach also," Bray said. "And then we started and then all the restaurants followed. We helped all the restaurants, told them what to do, how to get their ABC licenses, tables and chairs."

Listen to the final part of Corbin Carson's Catalina COVID-19 Comeback Series here:

Photo: Corbin Carson

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