Biden Is Housing Migrants With A Clear Motive To Allow To Stay

John & Ken talked to Mark Krikorian, Executive Director at the Center for Immigration Studies .

Mark has much expertise on the issue of illegal immigration from a policy perspective.

He wrote a piece that showed up in the National Review that reminds us that the focus of this current border crisis should not be on the terrible conditions in which migrants are being held. The focus should be on the fact that the Biden administration is welcoming "asylum" migrants with the clear motive let them into the U.S. with impunity.

Mark Krikorian from the National Review:

The numerical immigration limits and eligibility rules established by Congress are being comprehensively subverted by the Biden administration’s conscious decision to permit the large-scale admission of illegal aliens and to collude with them in systematic abuse of our asylum law. Few of those admitted to claim “asylum” qualify for it — many will not even bother to apply, and those who do, and lose, will not be made to leave.
In other words, in seeking more expeditious processing of illegal aliens at the border, the Biden administration is implementing an extra-legal increase in the number of de facto permanent residents of the U.S. That’s the problem at the border, and to the extent the administration does anything to try to moderate it, it’s only because of the political cost it is paying, not because it accepts it as a problem.

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