Caterina's Club Hits Huge Milestone

Today, Caterina's Club, the charity that is the focus of our yearly KFI PastaThon is setting a HUGE milestone today!

They are celebrating 2 MILLION meals served since the start of the Covid pandemic last March....and 6 MILLION meals served since Caterina's Club was founded in 2005.

This is quite a feat, as it normally takes a full year for them to provide a million meals to children across Southern California by feeding 25,000 kids each week in 30 cities across Southern California.

But since the pandemic started, Caterina's Club stepped up their efforts even more to provide meals not only to more children, but to families in need in the community who were hit hard by the pandemic, layoffs and business shutdowns. In addition, they have regularly provided pantry staples to those families as well, so that NO ONE would go hungry during this really tough time.

Mama Caterina the inspiration for the charity would be very proud!

Chef Bruno Serato's only goal with Caterina's Club is to do what his mother asked, to help children in need, and he's gone to extremes to make sure that no matter what happened, whether it be personal hardship or the destruction of his restaurant by fire a few years back, he continued to feed the kids no matter what.

Because of generous KFI listeners like you, and our partners Smart & Final & Barilla, he has been able to do so. Our yearly KFI PastaThon is the biggest fundraising event for Caterina's Club and helps him to continue his good work. The 2020 KFI PastaThon in December generated $770,827 and 75,980 pounds of pasta & sauce for the charity. Since 2010, KFI listeners have helped us raise $3.572,462 and 586,271 pounds of pasta & sauce. We can not thank you enough for your generosity to this charity that helps to break the cycle of poverty by feeding the kids now, helping families get back into stable home environments, and teaching teens the skills they need to get jobs in the hospitality industry.

If this is the first time you're hearing about Caterina's Club, check out more about them here and please consider a donation of any amount to this awesome charity. CLICK HERE to donate. And THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS!

Follow Caterina's Club on Instagram @caterinas_club, on Twitter @caterinasclub and Facebook.

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