Are LA Homeless Camps Being Run By Gangs ?

Two anonymous John & Ken listeners who live in the Los Feliz area claim their local homeless encampment is being ruled by local gang members.

Los Feliz Ledger journalist Allison Cohen put out an editorial piece that you should read for yourself.

A homeless encampment on North Berendo Street—at Hollywood Boulevard—in Los Feliz has been taken over by a street gang that is listed among the top 10 in Los Angeles as most dangerous.
Narcotics, including meth, are routinely sold at the site—like an open-air drug market—to passersby and drivers of cars that appear at all hours of the day and night, prostitution has occurred, weapons have been brandished and shot, fires are frequent and propane tanks are numerous. Tagging is a regular occurrence, creating a turf war with another gang.  
The initial homeless people—some of whom may have been “taxed” by the gang—have left the encampment and moved around the corner to safer spots on Hollywood Boulevard. One homeless man has fully furnished for himself a portion of a nearby underground tunnel that once was used for school children to trespass safely underneath busy Hollywood Boulevard to nearby Los Feliz Elementary School. 

We have been hearing these rumors for months. It seems that local gangs are taking advantage of homeless people and using them to move drugs and prostitution.

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