Suspects in Culver City 7-Eleven Robberies Arrested

7-Eleven Stores

CULVER CITY (CNS) - Two suspects who robbed a pair of Culver City 7-Eleven stores were nabbed by police this morning when they tried to rob a third one nearby in Los Angeles.  

The robberies happened within a 15-minute span, beginning around 4:50 a.m., according to Culver City police. The first robbery occurred at 4436 Sepulveda Blvd., while the second happened shortly after at 11001 Washington Blvd., police said.  

After the second robbery, Culver City police began checking nearby locations and spotted two men armed with a handgun and rifle attempting to rob a 7-Eleven clerk at 10356 Venice Blvd., police said.  

Because that store was in Los Angeles and therefore fell within the jurisdiction of Los Angeles police, the officers called LAPD's Pacific Division, police said.  When the two suspects saw police outside, they ran to the back of the store while the clerk escaped out the front, police said.  

LAPD officers arrived and took the two suspects into custody without incident, Culver City police said. The two men were identified as the suspects who robbed the other two stores, police said.  

The men, whose names were withheld, were booked by LAPD officers.  

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