@DarkSecretPlace - Idiot Declares "The White Race is the Real (N-word)."

At Sunday's "White Lives Matter" protest, white supremacists gathered to declare their supreme whiteness. This brought out counter-protesters, who vehemently disagreed with that misguided sentiment. Tensions were high, as one bold, balaklava-clad idiot worked his way into a group of counter-protestors, and stated that, "The White race is the real (n-word) in this land."

Onlookers reacted with a sense of shock. Some responded by advising others not to touch him, assumingly because they wouldn't want anyone else to catch 2nd-hand stupidity. The white supremacist continued: "Read your Bible!!! THIS IS AMERICA! THIS IS AMERICA!!!"

After taking a few insults and punches, the White Lives Matter protestor was taken from the scene by police.

On KFI AM640's Super Hyper Local Sunday, Bryan Suits talked about the incident, "I just don't understand how THIS can get you to your goal."

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