When Can We Stop Wearing Masks ????

If you have done the vaccine thing and are wondering when/if you can stop wearing a mask, you are not alone.

Experts are beginning to theorize that if we are going to let it rip on June 15, we are fully vaccinated, vaccines are available for everyone and we are seeing low numbers of transmission, mask mandates can be lifted.

Dr. Monica Gandhi, infectious disease specialist at UC San Francisco talked to John & Ken about this very real next step toward full normalcy.

Here is what she told the SF Chronicle:

"There's a really simple answer to when mask mandates should be lifted, and it's when everyone in a given locality can get access to the vaccine," said Dr. Monica Gandhi. "There's no justification for a mask mandate once everyone who wants the shot has gotten the shot and they have immunity. If people choose not to get the vaccine, that’s their right, but for all of us to have to wear masks when we have the much more powerful intervention of vaccination is not necessary."

pics/getty & University of Utah

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