#SmallBusinessShoutout -- Sweet Red Peach Custom Cakes & Pastries

It's safe to say that we LOVE sweets on this show, so when we found Sweet Red Peach Custom Cakes and Pasteries, we were in LOVE.

They're a family-owned bakery located in Inglewood, and when you ask Karolyn Plummer what the name stands for, she'll tell you:

"Sweet stands for, Sweet Potato Pie. Red, Red Velvet and Peach...Peach Cobbler. We make everything from scratch, down to our candies, our fillings, our frostings, our cakes. We do everything in house."

Karolyn is VERY good at baking, but she wasn't always sure she wanted to do it. She was a teacher in Compton for 17 years and says she just kind of 'stumbled into' baking.

Before she decided to open her shop, she'd bake her cakes, cookies and pies and have her family and friends test out her product. If they gave her a thumbs up she would sell her confections in hair salons and barber shops and she offered a very simple guarantee to her customers, telling ABC 7:

"I would just tell customers 'if you don't like it, I'll give you your money back'...and honestly, we haven't had that policy enforced, so it's been good, we've been blessed!".

She opened her shop and has had to deal for the last year with the pandemic closures, but now things are opening back up she's seeing more customers coming in the door, and because she's right across the street from SoFi Stadium, that foot traffic will get even bigger as we move closer to football season.

Customers say there's never been reason to ask for their money back because the product is THAT GOOD. Some customers travel an hour or more just to go to her shop to pick up their favorite treats and sometimes there's a line just to get in the door.

Their website offers you a promise:

"Sweet Red Peach prides itself in offering the best looking and VERY best tasting desserts you will ever find. Whether you want an extravagant tiered wedding cake or just a pan of 'homemade peach cobbler,' Sweet Red Peach can fulfill all your dessert desires."

Gary & Shannon talked to Karolyn Plummer today about how things have been going, check out that interview below.

Check out their website where you can see the featured Daily Desserts.

Follow them on Instagram @sweetredpeach, Twitter and Facebook!

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