Streets Closures Near Union Station Announced To Accommodate Oscars

LOS ANGELES (CNS) - People who frequent Union Station in downtown Los Angeles will encounter escalating road restrictions over the coming weeks leading up to the 93rd Academy Awards, which will be held in part at thehistoric transit depot.

Some restrictions have already begun, most notably a closure of the sidewalk lane of northbound Alameda Street at the Union Station entrance.

On Sunday, that lane closure will be extended to cover the entire stretch between Los Angeles Street and Cesar Chavez Avenue. The sidewalk will also be largely closed, except for an 8-foot pedestrian path to ensure access to businesses.

On April 19, the east curb lane will be closed on Main Street from Arcadia Street to the crosswalk opposite the El Pueblo Central Plaza. East and west curb lanes will be closed on Los Angeles Street between Arcadia and Alameda streets.

On April 25, Oscar Sunday, the following streets will be closed:

-- Alameda from Cesar Chavez to First Street;

-- Los Angeles from Alameda to First;

-- Main Street from First to Cesar Chavez;

-- Judge John Aliso Street between Temple and First streets;

-- southbound Broadway from Cesar Chavez to Aliso Street;

-- Arcadia between Spring and Alameda streets;

-- Aliso between Spring and Alameda streets;

-- Temple Street between Hill and Garey streets;

-- east and west sidewalk of Los Angeles Street from Temple to Alameda;

-- east and west sidewalk of Alameda from Cesar Chavez to Temple;

-- south sidewalk of Cesar Chavez from Main to Union Station Drive; and

-- north and south sidewalk of Temple between Alameda and Main.

Also closing that day will be the northbound and southbound on-ramps to the Hollywood (101) Freeway at Los Angeles Street, along with the southbound offramp at Los Angeles Street. The northbound offramp at Alameda will be restricted to left turns only.

The bulk of the street closures will be lifted by 4 a.m. Monday, although some will continue until 6 p.m. Monday.

Union Station will remain open to transit riders, with access to all transit services and vendors. According to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Olvera Street merchants and area churches will also remain accessible to the public.

The Oscars will be based at multiple locations, including Union Station, the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood and various international locations.

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