KFI's Corbin Carson Reports: Lonely Bison

Photo: KFI/iHeartmedia

The world-famous Catalina bison have found themselves without a crowd of fans thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic over the last year.

KFI's Corbin Carson and eight other tourists piled into a multi-level jeep and headed out into 165 miles of unpaved exploration. Joy Alisberger, Corbin's guide, says things are beginning to get back to normal on the island.

Unfortunately, Corbin didn't have two hours to hang out for the full tour, so he jumped out to speak with Catalina Island Conservancy COO Tim Kielpinski about what the island is doing as stay-at-home orders are being lifted and health restrictions eased in anticipation for the upcoming summer tourist season.

Listen to Corbin's full report here:

Photo: kfi/iHeartmedia

Photos: Corbin Carson

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