She is not TIRED Of Helping The Kids

Sorry. Bad pun in the headline. Couldn't resist. I'll try to TREAD lightly from now on.

Here we go:

India discards over 100,000,000 tires every year. One woman is putting them to great use.

Pooja Rai runs Anthill Creations, a non-profit that creates play spaces for kids out of old tires.

The tires are cleaned and inspected before being made into jungle gyms, swings and seesaws. Plus, some of the tires are made into fantastic sculptures of animals, cars and buildings.

The play spaces are put up at schools, and in public parks and even refugee centers. The funding comes from donations and the labor comes from volunteers. It's a win-win that pairs child enrichment with recycling.

Fun fact: India is the only country that legally mandates corporate charity.

Check out a small sample of their work here:

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