Future of Jobs By 2030

It is predicted that about 85% of today's jobs will not exist by 2030. New jobs will be created and these jobs seem wild! It seems crazy to think about but there are so many jobs that once existed in the 21st century that no longer exist.

  • Switchboard Operator- if you wanted to get in touch with someone on the phone, a switchboard operator was the person to help you
  • Knocker-Upper- A guy knocked on your window to tell you to get out of bed. A little more annoying than an alarm clock
  • Leech Collector- Leech collectors go into bodies of water to find leeches to sell to doctors
  • VCR Repairman- Repaired VCRs
  • Ice Cutter- Went into bodies of water and sawed off ice to sell to stores to keep food cold
  • Video Store Employee- No more video stores
  • Lamplighter- kept the street lights illuminated in the evenings
  • Milkman-Delivered Milk
  • Rat Catcher- Caught Rats Especially during the Black Plague
  • Radio Actor- Radio Dramas were all the rage before tv

That's just to name a few. There are many more jobs that no longer exist. The future of jobs is looking completely different than what we are used to seeing today. Here is what the future of jobs is looking like.

  • Virtual Store Sherpa- will focus on customer satisfaction through virtually advising customers using the knowledge of the product line.
  • Personal Data Broker- will ensure consumers receive revenue from their data. The broker will establish prices and execute trades.
  • .Personal Memory Curator- will consult with patients and stakeholders to generate specifications for virtual reality experiences.
  • Augmented Reality Journey Builder- will collaborate with talented engineers and technical artists to develop vital elements for clients. 
  • .Highway Controller- will monitor automated road and air space management systems to ensure no errors occur.
  • Body part maker- will create living body parts for athletes and soldiers.
  • Nano-medic- will transform healthcare.
  • GM or recombinant farmer- will transform farming and livestock.
  • Elderly wellness consultant- will cater to the physical and mental needs of the elderly.
  • 1Memory augmentation surgeon- will boost patients' memory when it hits capacity.
  • 'New science' ethicist- will ford the river of progress.
  • Space pilots, tour guides, and architects- will allow pilots, tour guides, and architects to live in lunar outposts.

Tim talks all about it. You'll want to hear his thought, take a listen

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