Dramatic Rescue of Crew Needed as Cargo Ship Risks Sinking

A Dutch cargo ship mat be in danger of capsizing off the coast of Norway after its crew was evacuated following a distress call from the vessel according to abcnews.

The Norwegian Coastal Administration said they have dispatched a coast guard ship to inspect the situation with the Eemslift Hendrika, which is lifting and afloat without engine power on the Norwegian Sea. The Norwegian Rescue Coordination Center evacuated about 12 crew members by helicopters after they jumped into the sea. The ship had to order a distress call.

The wind is expected to gradually shift the vessel to a course parallel to the shore, giving the salvage operation more time.

"Our calculations now indicate a window of opportunity to act, lasting until just after midday on Wednesday. The risk of pollution is our main concern" said Hans Petter Mortensholm of Norwegian Coastal Administration.

A Norwegian coastguard vessel is on standby in the area and could also be used for towing purposes.

Video from the scene shows some of the rescue, check it out!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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