Horrific Homeless Murder Has LA Residents Outraged And Scared

Last week a homeless trespasser went into a Beverly Grove homeowner's backyard and fatally stabbed and murdered 31 year-old Gabriel Donnay.

From ABC7:

For months, residents say they have been trying to get help from the city and their councilman without any results. Angry residents on Saturday marched to Councilman Paul Koretz's home from the location of the stabbing to demand action.
Koretz's office says it is working with the LAPD and city programs to address the issue.
Friends and family of Donnay, who was an accomplished musician and data scientist, say they hope his death isn't in vain.

LA hacks have blood on their hand for this murder and countless others. Residents have been complaining and demanding action. Now mentally ill homeless fleabags are going into people's property and killing them.

John & Ken talked to Beverly Grove resident Craig Brill who organized a vigil for Gabriel Donnay who told the El Segundo Times:

“It’s a tragedy that we lost Gabriel, and it’s also a tragedy that a man with mental illness was allowed to roam our streets as a danger to himself and to the community,” Brill said. “I hope as we all gather and we get to know each other better as neighbors, we can come together and try to organize and get our city to do something. What’s happening, around the city, is we’ve become one massive skid row.”

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