@DarkSecretPlace - Angels Pitcher Explains His Early Retirement

Ty Buttrey

Angel Pitcher Ty Buttrey made the surprise announcement that he is walking away from his baseball career at the young age of 28. While it is unusual to see an athlete, in their physical prime, walking away from the game they love. The problem is: Ty Buttrey never really loved the game to begin with.

In a message to fans on his Instagram, Ty wrote about what motivated him to become a major leaguer: a teacher that did not believe in Ty's ability to make it to the big leagues. Once he achieved that goal, he was kinda over it.

"Unfortunately, money and proving people wrong are short-term motivators, especially when you never actually loved the game you dedicated the last 24 years of your life to," said Buttrey on the 'Gram.

On KFI AM640's Super Hyper Local Sunday, Bryan Suits talked about the Ty's story.

All luck to Ty Buttrey in the future.

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