Chef Goes Out Of HIs Way For Customer!

A woman is battling cancer in Vermont. One of her most favorite things in the tempura broccoli at Ekiben restaurant in Baltimore Maryland, where she used to eat regularly when she lived there.

Obviously, she cannot go there now or get food delivered from so far away.

When owner Steve Chu learned that the longtime patron had been craving the dish, he didn’t share the recipe. Instead, he made the six-hour drive to cook it for her in person.

Chu loaded up his pickup truck, and took his business partner and one of the servers on the trek to Vermont. The next morning, they set up in the parking lot of his unsuspecting patron’s condo, where they proceeded to fire up the grill, and get cooking.

The woman and her daughter were left with tears of gratitude and enough leftovers for lunch the next day.

Photo by Cyprien Delaporte on Unsplash

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