Store Cashier Expresses 'Disbelief, Guilt' Over George Floyd's Arrest

Jurors in the trial of former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin on Wednesday watched body cam footage in which a bystander pleads for George Floyd's life.

"Bro, he's not responsive right now," a man can be heard saying off-camera as Chauvin continues to press his knee onto Floyd's neck. "Check his pulse! check his pulse!" A woman then chimes in, "He's not moving!"

The video was shown as part of day three's court proceedings.

Earlier in the day, body cam footage from Officer J. Alexander Kueng revealed Floyd was confused as to why officers were detaining him. In the clip, he can be heard saying, "I don't want no problems. I didn't do nothing."

He died a short time later after Chauvin pressed his knee into the handcuffed Floyd's neck, cutting off his ability to breathe.

Then, the store cashier who took the $20 bill George Floyd used to buy cigarettes took the stand.

Christopher Martin says that when he was given the $20 bill his first instinct was to pocket the bill and put Floyd’s purchase on his tab, but instead, he second-guessed himself and notified the manager.

Security camera footage of Floyd inside of Cup Foods shows Floyd in the store for 10 minutes. After notifying the manager, Martin was sent outside to ask Floyd to return to the store. Floyd and another passenger refused and the police were called.

"If I would’ve just not tooken [sic] the bill, this could’ve been avoided," Martin testified.

Read the latest trial details on ABC News.

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