End The On-Again, Off-Again Business Restrictions

On again.....off again.....on again....off again....on again.....off again.

Imagine being a business or restaurant owner. You have employees, you have business costs, you have rent, insurance.

On top of everything, you don't know if you can stay open...even in Orange tier !!

San Diego attorney Gary Kreep talked to John & Ken today about his new federal court lawsuit to finally end all enforcement of COVID restrictions in counties and throughout California

From the SD Union Tribune:

More than 45 restaurants, gyms and small businesses from across San Diego County are asking a federal court to put a permanent end to on-again, off-again COVID-19 restrictions they say are crippling their operations.
Wednesday afternoon, the businesses filed suit against city, county and state officials, including Gov. Gavin Newsom, in San Diego federal court. The suit alleges violations of the First, Fifth and 14th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution, as well as several breaches of the California Constitution. What’s more, the plaintiff group, which includes the Re-Open San Diego Small Business Coalition, is arguing that Newsom’s March 2020 state of emergency proclamation is illegal, and that, even if the action seemed appropriate at the time, present-day circumstances mandate that the order should be terminated immediately.
"(The goal of the lawsuit is) to obtain an injunction for relief, barring enforcement of all COVID restrictions by the county of San Diego, city of San Diego and state of California,” said attorney Gary Kreep, who is representing the plaintiffs without charge and is a former San Diego County Superior Court judge. “We believe that the emergency proclamation was never properly issued.”


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